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Music for Independent Films / Streaming Videos / Commercials / Documentaries / Presentations / Trade Show Events / Promo Videos / Wedding Films / Corporate Videos / Church Videos / Slideshows / Websites / Dancers / Rappers / Singers / Producers / and more.

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Why do you write music?

It's what I love to do! I like to experiment and blend different sounds together. It's always amazing to discover the moment when my speakers are genuinely reflecting what's in my heart. This creates a silent feedback loop in me, and I'm often overcome with emotion. It's like, for this brief moment, I'm HEARD-- even if it's only by me.

Where did the music come from?

We had a piano in the house when I was a boy, and I always loved to make fun little rhythms with my teeth. However, I must give credit to my Sonicare toothbrush! That thing is AWESOME to hum along with. This is how many of my melodies begin-- while brushing my teeth!

How'd you get started?

In 2012, I decided to break through my fears and share some of my melodies with the world. The first songs that I recorded were rough. REALLY rough. I'd already been dabbling with music production for a few years, and I owned Sonar X1. So I hooked up a mic, sang acapella, slapped on some reverb and I layered a few tracks together. The production value was poor, but I noticed that these recordings contained something real, something valuable-- they contained a deep part of me. So I kept going.

How has music impacted you?

Over the years, I've learned that music has offered me a method of communication that I never thought was possible. It's provided me with a way to share my deep joy and brokenness with others, and I'm amazed to hear from people who identify with it. The music, for me, is a way to celebrate Life. Each song is a testament of victory in the face of the hopelessness that once held me.

I like how Victor says it...

"Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent."
- Victor Hugo


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